What does the Corporation Commission Do?

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) is a regulatory agency in the state of Oklahoma, United States. It has broad jurisdiction over several key industries within the state. The OCC oversees and regulates the following areas:

1. Energy Regulation: The OCC is responsible for regulating the oil, natural gas, and electric utilities within Oklahoma. It ensures that these industries operate in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner. This includes overseeing drilling permits, production practices, pipeline safety, and utility rates.

2. Public Utilities: The OCC regulates the rates and services provided by public utilities, such as water, sewer, and telecommunications companies. It ensures that these utilities operate fairly, provide reliable services, and charge reasonable rates to consumers.

3. Transportation: The OCC has regulatory authority over intrastate motor carriers, including common carriers, contract carriers, and private carriers. It oversees licensing, safety regulations, and enforcement to ensure the transportation of goods and passengers within the state is conducted safely and efficiently.

4. Railroad Regulation: The OCC regulates and oversees the safety and operations of railroads operating within Oklahoma. It ensures compliance with federal and state regulations, investigates accidents and incidents, and monitors railroad operations to protect public safety.

5. Conservation and Environmental Protection: The OCC has a role in the conservation and protection of Oklahoma's natural resources. It regulates the exploration, production, and disposal of oil, natural gas, and other minerals. It also addresses environmental concerns related to energy production, including water use and contamination, waste disposal, and land reclamation.

What are the duties of the Corporation Commission?

The Commission regulates and enforces the laws and supervised the actives associated with:

Early emphasis for the commission was on regulation of railroad routes and rates. Through changes by the Legislature, and the change in services considered essential to the public welfare, the commission presently regulates public utilities, oil and gas industry (exploration, drilling, production and waste disposal), motor carrier transport, and petroleum products industry (transportation, storage, quality and dispensing). The commission also monitors a number of federal programs for compliance in Oklahoma. The commission also oversees the conservation of natural resources, avoiding waste production, abate pollution of the environment, and balancing the rights and needs of the people of Oklahoma with those of the regulated entities. The Public Utility Division acts as the Administrator for the states $30 million Universal Services Fund. This fund supports rural telecommunications as well as internet to Oklahoma public schools, libraries, and health centers.

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